Kamala Harris speaks at Democratic Party convention this evening, what she won’t be saying

Tonight, Democratic Party Vice Presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, will speak to the virtual audience at the party’s 2020 convention. Harris is expected to speak this evening just before Barack Obama, and though we have not obtained a copy of the speech, we expect it to follow the theme of gloom and doom as we have heard from other speeches during the convention.

Kamala Harris takes Oath of Office as U.S. Senator

Before Harris was a U.S. Senator, she was a prosecutor and California’s Attorney General. With her track record, it is a wonder why progressives and Democrats would now embrace her as the Vice-Presidential candidate.

Here is what Harris and Company don’t want you to hear. Harris seems to have the ability in fooling people on the political side while being Draconian on her prosecutorial side.

While Harris has stated over several years, she is for treating drug addiction rather than sending people to jail. She did the opposite. Besides sending many people to jail for low grade drug offenses, she worked to end some people from being seen at San Francisco’s Drug Court, even if their charge was simple possession. Drug Courts will see people arrested on drug charges and more often than not divert them to drug treatment rather than jail.

Kevin Cooper and George Gage are two names that should alarm potential voters. Harris sent these two individuals to death row even though in Gage’s case they found it the prosecutor withheld key evidence that would have exonerated him and for Cooper, a DNA test would have exonerated him. Harris could have stopped these prosecutions and chose not to do so. Harris continually failed to hold police and prosecutors accountable for egregious misconduct and was not supportive of police wearing body cameras.

While sending over 1,500 people away for marijuana violations, when she herself admiringly smoke marijuana. Harris also championed a law that would step up prosecutions for parents of truant children and was a staunch supporter of keeping bail amounts high no matter how poor an alleged criminal was.

Kamala Harris at Mexico border.

Her track record is more in line with President Donald Trump than one would expect from a Democratic VP pick. Besides the above, she gained publicity by donning a “POLICE” emblazoned windbreaker at the border of Mexico to go against those in other countries who are in the business of importing illegal drugs to the United States.

Much like her running mate, Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, she is just as authoritarian rather than seeking freedoms for Americans. But Biden has a long history of authoritarian work while in the U.S. Senate, often stating he felt the 1994 Crime Bill should be called the “Biden Bill”. So, it would appear American voters have a choice between authoritarian-minded presidential candidates, except for Jo Jorgensen. Jorgensen seems the only freedom-minded candidate who will be on the ballot in all 50 states and able to garner the 270 Electoral College votes required.

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