We test Delray Beach’s water amid concerns it is unsafe to drink

There has been much concern recently concerning the quality of the drinking water in Delray Beach, Florida. We purchased a simple, highly rated test kit we bought on Amazon from On4Home. Disclaimer: Our test was not done at a location on the barrier island which is part of prior concern and this is one location so it is anecdotal.

We did not know what to expect and were objective in the test. We tested both water coming from the kitchen sink faucet and the water coming directly into the house from the city. Both tests had the same result.

There are 18 tests available through two test strips. Test strip “A” tests for hardness, pH, total alkalinity, Nitrites, Nitrates, residual chlorine, lead, copper and mercury. Test strip “B” tests for fluoride, chromium, total chlorine, sulfite, aluminium, bromine, carbonate, manganese, and cyanuric acid.

The water tested “OK” in all the tests, though the pH was slightly high and the Sulfite level was borderline. We will test again for the next few weeks to see if any of these levels change; however, from what we see today, the Delray Beach water is considered safe by the standards set by the U.S. Government. Some may be concerned about fluoride being in the drinking water, and if so one can filter that out with different methods of filtration at their home or business.

While fluoride may be good topically for teeth, there is concern over what it does inside the body. Based on the most recent research, it would appear the City of Delray Beach could save taxpayer dollars by eliminating fluoride from its water going to residents and businesses. The classification of fluoride as a pollutant rather than as a nutrient or medicine is a useful starting point for analysing the adverse effect of fluoride. No fluoride deficiency disease has ever been documented for humans. The basis for setting an “adequate intake” of fluoride rests on the alleged ability of ingested fluoride to prevent tooth decay. However, since we now know that the effect of fluoride is topical, the notion of an “adequate daily intake” is flawed. 

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