Tech titan John McAfee in trouble with the law again, this time for wearing a thong on his face

John McAfee has been arrested and then released in Germany for wearing a thong on his face instead of what government officials consider an appropriate mask. The 74 year-old McAfee, who sold his anti-virus company bearing his name years ago, was denied entry into Germany after landing his private plane and was subsequently arrested for refusal to wear a proper mask.

McAfee with thong mask in Germany

McAfee has been traveling the world, allegedly trying to keep away from American authorities. He travels by car, boat or plane. Sometimes he can be found within the United States, other times in the Caribbean, or Europe. He posts his travels frequently via his very active Twitter account or his wife’s Twitter feed. She also takes over his Twitter feed whenever he gets arrested, which is more often than the average American. He also suggests he has one or two doubles to keep authorities guessing as to his location.

I was jailed: Why? Visited Catalonia just before Europe banned Catalonians from travelling. Tried to return to Germany and were refused entrance. They demanded we wear masks. I put on my thong mask. They demanded I replace it. I refused. Tussle. Jail. Black eye. Released.

via McAfee’s Twitter account on August 11, 2020
McAfee on the steps of his jet on the Tarmac. Photo via McAfee’s Twitter feed.

Much like our latest report on the efficacy on masks, it appears McAfee has done his homework as well. He states, “[The thong] doesn’t recycle his exhaled carbon dioxide, like over the ear masks. (Breathing impaired people are exempt from wearing masks because masks impair respiration). Masks stop bacteria. Not viruses people! He was arrested for what he believes.”

Just before publication, McAfee Tweeted:

People ask why I do the things I do. An act by itself is incomplete. It’s the reason for the act that completes it and provides the real information. I am om the run. I would be an idiot to explain my “why’s”.

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