Elon Musk is going to get into your head

So, what is happening in August 2020? Elon Musk is happening, and it will be a trip, a mind-blowing trip at that.

In the summer of 2019, Elon Musk held his Neuralink project’s launch event and on August 28, 2020, he will reveal more of what the company has been working on. Neuralink was formed in 2016 with the ambition of directly linking a human brain to an AI-enabled computer – basically a brain-machine interface (BMI).

As much fun as some have had at poking fun at the project, it has some serious real-world health benefits if Musk can accomplish his goal. The idea is to help people with Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, epilepsy, paraplegics and other neurological diseases. We expect the Neuralink platform to go beyond Deep Brain Stimulators, which has been used with some success for Parkinson’s patients.

Neuralink N1 Sensor

In addition, it will enable those seeking an intelligence enhancement to get a computer implanted in their brain instead of constantly looking things up on their phone or computer, the information would be available inside their skull.

Brain implants are nothing new; however, Neuralink plans to go inside the skull rather than what they have done in the past, outside the skull with much “dumber” technology. If Musk can do as he plans, then such a device would be revolutionary for human advancement.

From what we know now and we hope to get an update on August 28, 2020, is that a robotic surgeon would install an N1 electrode inside the skull of the brain. The N1 prototype is about 8mm in diameter and 4mm in height. The N1 would wirelessly connect to an outer unit, called Link, behind the ear, which is removable. This Link unit will house the processer, battery, and software.

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