Most Americans’ finances are okay for now and 85% are wearing face masks in public

In a new survey out by CNBC/Change Research found that 64% of Americans feel their personal finances are in either excellent or good shape. The survey concluded on July 26, 2020, so the impact of CARES Act expiration benefits going to millions of Americans has not yet shown up. Many are curious how that question would be answered three weeks from now if a fresh round of taxpayer-funded benefits are not distributed or if the government does not fully allow the economy to get back on its own. Those numbers could revert over to the 36% of respondents who answer their personal finances are poor or not so good.

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The survey also found that it is about even with Americans concerning their savings. It was a statistical tie of about half felt their savings were good or excellent, while the other half of Americans felt their savings were poor or not so good. Turning to healthcare costs, 57% felt their healthcare was too expensive and 43% were satisfied with what they pay for healthcare.

While most were not confident that over next year about the U.S. economy, 58% were confident or optimistic about their future personal finances. 65% of respondents felt confident or optimistic about their personal job security, but strangely, 65% also were worried or uncertain about the U.S. unemployment rate over the next year.

Also revealed in the survey of over 1,000 likely voters across the nation found that 51% plan to vote for Joe Biden, 42% plan to vote for Donald Trump, and 2% plan to vote for Jo Jorgensen.

The overwhelming majority of Americans (77%) are seriously concerned about the novel Coronavirus COVID-19. Only 23% are not concerned at all, or are only mildly concerned. 61% feel the virus is getting worse in the U.S. The survey also showed that 73% of respondents had had no one in their household lose their job because of COVID-19. 85% say they are wearing face masks in public and 91% are washing their hands to keep from getting the virus. 84% are social distancing, 79% are avoiding crowds, 62% are avoiding restaurants or bars, and about half are sheltering at home.

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