Bankrate: Americans are in love with stocks over real estate

Americans with an investing horizon are better more on the stock market than real estate expecting better returns. The survey by Bankrate of over 1,000 Americans found that nearly 28% feel the stock market is the best investment vehicle at the moment, which is a significant rise from just 20% ten years ago.

“Despite stocks falling by more than one-third in just over a month at the outset of the pandemic, more Americans point to the stock market as the best place to invest money long-term,” says Greg McBride, CFA, Bankrate chief financial analyst. “The swift rebounds this spring and following a 20 percent decline at the end of 2018 have convinced more investors of the market’s long-term merits.”

The results by age group differed sometimes from the overall figures. For example, younger millennials (ages 24-30) were the least likely to prefer the stock market for long-term investments and instead preferred real estate (30 percent).

In contrast, older millennials (ages 31-39) showed among the highest preferences for the stock market (33 percent) and among the lowest for real estate (19 percent).

The starkest differences between men and women is that women preferred to keep their money in cash (23 percent) as opposed to men preferring cash coming in at only 13%. Another contract between men and women is with precious metals like gold and silver: 19% men preferred, women only 9%.

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