Mitch Katz and John Brewer Talk Politics in New ‘Sunday Morning Coffee and Delray Beach Politics Live’ Video

A new private Facebook group has emerged for local Delray Beach politicos called ‘Delray Beach Politics’. As many locals know, former Delray Beach City Commission member Mitch Katz and Delray Beach realtor and Socially Distanced Supper Club founder, John Brewer, have had several public arguments that have been entertaining for the public. So now they have gotten together to have a “semi-public” discussion on local politics.

Mitch Katz and John Brewer put down their swords and have a conversation about politics and business in Delray Beach

Brewer is in agreement with City Commission member Adam Frankel that the city needs to “trim the fat” from its spending in case of a shortfall of tax revenues because of COVID-19. Katz explained about those businesses and homes within Delray’s Downtown Development Authority are paying an additional $1 per $1,000 of a property’s assessed value. Frankel has proposed to reduce it to $0.95 which, although a reduction will still result in an increase in the DDA budget as new condos are coming online as well is iPic is expected to pay property taxes for the first time and is in the Downtown Development District. The DDA is an independent taxing district while the CRA is part of the City of Delray Beach government and its mission is to help blighted properties.

Many properties in Delray Beach are selling for higher prices so the city may buffer some of the COVID-19 related economic storm which has financially ravaged so many residents personally and has seen several businesses close. This is due, in part, as baby boomers come down from the north to retire and those seeking tax relief from high-tax states.

The live video didn’t offer the fireworks, some may have been expecting; however, it was highly educational and worth watching to help educate Delray Beach residents about their local government. It is also worth watching for those seeking to learn more about how local politics work. We look forward to watching more videos with the two.

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