Free Virtual Plant-Based Conference This Weekend

The Holistic Holiday at Home virtual health conference starts on Sunday, July 26 through August 1, 2020. The conference will include over 30 of the leading health and wellness plant-based experts in the world, for virtual programming designed to inspire, educate, motivate, and activate your health goals. If you have already registered for free, you already have access to an interview with Dr. Greger, and a presentation by Dr. Brooke Goldner, which was released early.

Holistic Holiday at Home will feature some of today’s most important and inspirational plant-based experts: doctors, best-selling authors, chefs, fitness pros and others, including many of your favorites from Holistic Holiday at Sea. These experts will offer in-depth guidance based on their latest research. You’ll also hear from ground-breaking thought leaders who are joining us for the first time.

These are some areas of health the conference will cover:

– The most expensive disease in America (hint, it’s not heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or obesity)

– The best foods to fight cancer 

– The most commonly consumed foods by the world’s longest-lived people (Blue zones information tested)

– Why the Mediterranean Diet has been successful for many people (which attributes make it effective in preventing disease)

– Why people lack motivation and why changing habits is more powerful than willpower or “motivation” 

– How to move from a “sick care” system to a true “health care” system

– Which foods provide the best protection against disease

– Why following the money is the answer to most causes of illness (government subsidies, profit-based health care system, illness-focused culture, etc.)

– The latest groundbreaking research, including on heart disease, brain health, and other popular topics around health and nutrition

– How to best protect ourselves from COVID-19 Coronavirus, from a nutritional and medical perspective

– Which foods, and what diet is best for reversing autoimmune diseases (not just a whole-food, plant-based diet, but particular foods that are far superior to others)

– Why we can’t be healthy unless we have a healthy gut microbiome

– How to manage anxiety, stress, and pain, during an anxious, stressful, and painful time

Here’s the link to register for free.

Here are the experts who are part of the conference: Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Brooke Goldner, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Columbus Batiste, Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, Brenda Davis, Dr. Michael Klaper, Dr. Joel Kahn, Dr. Ayesha Sherzai, Dr. Dean Sherzai, Matt Frazier, Gabriel Miller, Dr. Debra Kimless, Dr. Kim Williams, Warren Kramer, Jessica Porter, Natalie Matthews, Torre Washington, Dani Taylor, Korin Sutton, Giacomo Marchese, Chris Wark, Jon McMahon, and Ocean Robbins.

There are plenty of other speakers too, interviewed by other hosts, particularly chefs, activists, and health experts, pictured below.

This innovative and unique event has brought many of the best experts in the entire plant-based health and wellness community together for a week of presentations, lectures, interviews, cooking demos, fitness classes, mindfulness, entertainment, and more.

There are options to upgrade to get access to live Q&A events with plant-based doctors, and book club conversations with the authors of bestselling books, and to get 12 months of access to the entire program after it completes on August 1st, among other bonuses, including access to all the live events July 26-August 1, bonus ebooks, DVDs, transcripts of the event, and more, but the main program is free.

The free program is available for one week, and if you love it and want to upgrade to get access to the presentations and all the program content for a full year, you can do that before, during, or shortly after the event.

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