Covington teen Nicholas Sandmann settles $250 million lawsuit with Washington Post

Nicholas Sandmann, was made famous by the mainstream media, and now he may be more famous for getting a big pay day on his 2019 $250 million lawsuit against the Washington Post, though it is unknown what Sandmann will receive under the settlement. An untold number of mainstream media outlets victimized Sandmann in January 2019 after he was approached by Native American activist Nathan Phillips on the grounds of the Lincoln Memorial in the District of Columbia. The mainstream media, including the Washington Post, narrated the non-verbal interaction that Sandmann was a racist based on his “smirk”, his wearing a Make America Great Again hat, and being from a Catholic private school in Kentucky.

Actor Jim Carey’s now deleted Tweet

Sandmann settled with CNN for an unknown amount in January 2020 after filing a $275 million lawsuit in March 2019. Sandmann faced massive challenges following the fake news media coverage, including threats of being expelled from his private school, death threats, and an innumerable number of public insults online from around the world. Even Hollywood actors piled on Sandmann with an example being Jim Carey’s derogatory painting.

The narrative mainstream media wanted to show the public was that Donald Trump supporters are racists, but the knee-jerk media was forced to acknowledge the narrative was false in their stories about Sandmann. Although the key focus was on Sandmann, other students from his school also were threatened and took to the courts to retrieve payment for damages to their character.

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