New Economist/YouGov poll shows differences Americans have with Trump and Biden, 5% may go to Jorgensen in November

A new The Economist/YouGov poll of 1,500 Americans was released overnight showing the stark differences Americans have in the upcoming presidential election.

We’ll start with how many people trust Biden or Trump when they give medical advice to the public. 56% of respondents in the poll trust Biden while 32% trust Trump, even though neither have any serious medical background. When the question came up, if people trusted Anthony Fauci the result was that only 54% trusted him while 63% trusted the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Whether people trusted Jo Jorgensen offering medical advice was likely left out for lack of name recognition because of the media blackout of her presidential campaign, even though she will be on the ballot in all 50 states alongside Biden and Trump. For who could best handle the COVID-19 pandemic, only 31% felt confident Biden would be capable while.

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Is the country better off now than four years ago? 31% felt the country was better off now than four years ago, while 52% felt it was better four years ago than today. For their personal situation, 42% stated they were better off today than four years ago and 39% felt they were better off four years ago than today (20% were unsure).

One result of the poll may surprise many in that Bernie Sanders still has a strong following in the Democratic Party. While 61% wanted Joe Biden to be their presidential nominee, 32% wanted Bernie Sanders.

When asked directly, “If an election for president were going to be held now and the Democratic nominee was Joe Biden and the Republican nominee was Donald Trump, would you vote for…” 48% said Joe Biden, Donald Trump at 41% and “other” received 5%. Since the poll did not include Jo Jorgensen’s name, we can only assume since she is the only other presidential nominee who will be on the ballot in all 50 states alongside Biden and Trump, that this is the case. Six percent of the respondents are unsure or would not vote this November. For whether people like the Democratic or Republican parties, most respondents had an unfavorable opinion of both.

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Few answering the poll are very enthused about either Trump or Biden. Only 27% are enthused about Trump’s running again and only 23% of enthused about Biden. Most feel their vote for Biden is a vote against Trump (54%) which shows the lack of enthusiasm for Biden. Opposite that, 74% of those expecting to vote for Trump are voting for him, and not against Biden.

As for who people expect to win the White House in November, it is a statistical tie with 38% for Biden and 39% for Trump, while 23% of registered voters are up for grabs for any of the three presidential nominees. Similarly, it is an even split who people think will control the U.S. Senate. Though 50% feel the Democrats will continue to control the U.S. House.

We expect Joe Biden to announce his Vice Presidential pick soon. According to the poll, most Democrats feel it is a race between Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Susan Rice; with 21% unsure who will be picked.

When the poll turned to hosting the Democratic Party and Republican Party national conventions in-person, 56% felt it would be unsafe to do so due to COVID-19. If they hold in-person conventions, 74% felt strict social distancing requirements should be adhered to. The results were mixed whether either party should limit the number of attendees at the conventions.

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When gun control came up, 77% of registered voters said the issue was important to them. Unfortunately, the poll did not delve into whether respondents were in favor of increased or decreased firearm regulations. The top three most important issue for the registered voters in the poll were (in order of importance) healthcare, jobs and the economy, and education. Healthcare and jobs/economy were, by far, the most important issues registered voters are concerned about.

Meanwhile, according to the poll, only 18% of Americans feel Congress is doing a suitable job, but history shows most voters will vote for the same people back in office. The U.S. Supreme Court has a 44% approval rating for how it is handling its job of adjudicating constitutional issues of the country.

66% of respondents said their personal financial situation is the same or better than last year, while 27% felt they were worse off than a year ago. While 48% are not worried about losing their job, 52% are somewhat or very worried. For those still working, 60% said they were happy with their job.

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  1. If more media outlets gave information on the third party candidates, Trump and Biden would really be in trouble. #JoJorgensen2020 for me, thank you.


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