The Sierra Club is next to be affected by Cancel Culture warriors noting founder was racist

The Sierra Club was originally founded to conserve land in America and has since expanded over the years into a liberal organization, supporting bans of offshore oil rigs to most recently supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Its 1892 John Muir founded the Sierra Club and was its president for 20 years, which has now grown to a $100,000,000 organization.

Muir and the Sierra Club had its first major success with Republican President Teddy Roosevelt with his signing the 1906 Antiquities Act and eventually signed several executive orders to preserve the Grand Canyon and other national parks to what we now know as the U.S. National Park Service.

John Muir

Muir felt black people were lazy “Sambos” and his feeling towards blacks was an open secret. None of his racist quotes made it onto the website’s ‘John Muir Quote of the Day.’ He made derogatory remarks about American Indians; however, over time, he took a liking to them based on their conservation and respect of their land.

The Sierra Club now states, “We must reckon with how racism — both past and present — has shaped our organization and work to repair the harm done. The struggles to protect people and our environment cannot be separated, and it is our responsibility to use our power to help abolish racism, which is destroying lives and the planet.”

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