Resignation Letter — Bari Weiss

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  1. Many many years ago, before I even started college, I spoke to a learned individual in Europe. He was an editor at a well known European newspaper at that time. Because he asked me not to name him or quote him I will honor his request even though it’s been nearly half a century.
    At the time I was considering either going into either engineering or into journalism and asked him what he thought. Surprisingly, he recommended going into engineering instead of his own profession, journalism. When I asked why he told me a little secret. European journalists look down their noses at American “journalists” because they are considered lazy, overpaid, they didn’t get their facts straight, and were extremely biased. Back then when American journalism students would graduate from college even a well known one and come to Europe the applications, unless they are known to the people, they dealt with would typically be thrown directly into the trash almost immediately because the Europeans had much higher standards than American colleges. If anything in the last 50 years this has gotten worse not better.

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