Marijuana Legalization: Trump and Biden just say “NO”, Jorgensen says “YES”

While two-thirds of Americans are supportive of legalizing marijuana, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden are officially against such a measure while Libertarian Jo Jorgensen is for it.


Joe Biden and Donald Trump are not in favor of legalizing cannabis, even if a majority of Americans are for it. Both have gone as far as perhaps decriminalizing, but seem tepid to go the complete step of legalizing it. Biden still views marijuana as a “gateway drug” while Trump continues his War on Drugs persona with this quote last week about illegal drug imports: “No adversary can match the awesome power of the American Army, Navy, Air Force Coast Guard and Marines.”

Both have expressed an interest in the federal government getting out of the way of states, so marijuana businesses can better operate rather than be in fear of federal raids and banking regulations.

Jo Jorgensen is in favor of legalization putting her in lock-step with most Americans on the issue. She has stated frequently and emphatically her support for the legalization of cannabis and is supportive of releasing prisoners of marijuana “crimes” so long as they were not also convicted of crimes with actual victims.

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