Trump commutes sentence of Roger Stone and the Internet goes crazy

Roger_Stone_in_february_2019Yesterday, July 10, 2020, President Donald Trump commuted the sentence for longtime advisor Roger Stone who was scheduled to go to prison next week for 40 months for lying to Congress, one count of witness tampering and interrupting an official proceeding. So far, Trump has commuted the sentence or pardoned fewer than 30 people in his 3.5 years as president. For comparison, when Barack Obama was president, he commuted or pardoned the sentences for over 500 people during his tenure.

Stone’s major offense was lying to Congress, which is done routinely, yet rarely is someone prosecuted for such a crime. Mitt Romney incorrectly stated that the commutation by Trump was “unprecedented, historic corruption.” Obama pardoned Oscar Lopez, which by all measures, is a worse human being. Stone’s conviction will remain on the books; however, he will no longer need to go to prison.

The Internet went crazy in hearing the news that Stone would not be heading to prison. Adam Schiff posted on Twitter, “With Trump there are now two systems of justice in America: One for Trump’s criminal friends and one for everyone else.”  @naveed_a_khan19 posted on Twitter: Trump presidency is for cronies and chums. A Trump chum, Lindsey Graham will support commutation of Stone sentence. #LindseyGrahamSC@LindseyGrahamSC.  #RogerStone.

Meanwhile, supporters like @ChuckWollery posted on Twitter: We all watched Clapper lie to congress and……….Noting. But Roger Stone? I’m so sick of this and Leland Virttert FOX.” Also on Twitter, @FiveRights posted “Prez did right thing. Of course Roger Stone‘s sentence should be commuted. He was another victim of Obama’s unprecedented abuse of power, like Flynn & the rest. O needs to answer for his coup attempt. Where is our Justice Dept on this?”


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