Trump’s new executive order is expected to help Hispanics with expanded education and economic opportunities

Today, July 9, 2020, President Trump signed an executive order expanding the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative, which is expected to help the Hispanic community prosper and achieve the American Dream.

According to the Census Bureau, the Hispanic population in the United States comprise approximately 18.5%. Hispanics break down politically to about 54% Democrat, 11% Libertarian, 11% Republican, and about 24% have no party affiliation.
The order will encourage pro-growth, pro-family, and pro-community policies such as school choice, personalized learning, family engagement, civic education, and more.
“Hispanic Americans are not only living the American Dream, but their incredible efforts are unlocking the American Dream for citizens all across our land,” President Trump says.

While this move may help Trump in the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden is still doing damage control to have a series of verbal flubs regarding Hispanic Americans. Last year, Biden stated that illegal immigrants need to “get in line” and supports “cherry-picking” who is given citizenship to those with advanced degrees over those without. Meanwhile, Jo Jorgsensen has a different and perhaps more favorable take for Hispanics as she states that she will “work to repeal arbitrary quotas on the number of people who can legally enter the United States to work, visit, or reside. “

Hispanic-American workers and families have done well since Americans elected Trump. Before the Coronavirus pandemic, the Hispanic unemployment rate reached a record low of 3.9 percent, and it remained under 5 percent for 23 consecutive months. Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, Hispanic employment increased by a sum of over 2.1 million in May and June.
In 2018, the poverty rate for Hispanic Americans reached its lowest level on record, and since 2016, nearly 611,000 Hispanic Americans have been lifted out of poverty.

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