Democrat, Libertarian, or Republican in November; who will you choose?

Joe Biden, Jo Jorgensen, Donald Trump

On November 3, 2020, Americans will vote who will be their next president over the following four years. There are three candidates who will be on the ballot in all fifty states; Joe Biden (Democrat), Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian) and Donald Trump (Republican and incumbent). Trump and Biden are the presumed presidential nominees for their respective parties; however, it is not yet official. The Libertarian Party officially nominated Jorgensen at the second-ever virtual national political party convention in May 2020. There are 270 electoral votes up for any of the three candidates and it will be an interesting election season.

The question most voters will need to ask themselves is which of the three candidates is most in line with my personal values. If you are conservative, then Trump and Biden would be a challenge as both have spoken out against gun rights and are not fiscally conservative. Jorgensen seems to be the only one of the three congruent with the intention and wording of the Second Amendment while holding steadfast for a balanced budget and a reduction of federal spending.

Trump has been good on reducing federal regulations, as one would assume Jorgensen would be, while Biden is for more regulation. To Trump’s credit, he has been working to enact criminal justice reforms which both Jorgensen and Biden have said they are committed to doing the same, if not more.

Perhaps the largest criminal justice reform that can be in the form of eliminating the War on Drugs which would immediately reduce the amount of crime in the United States while promoting legitimate businesses, and perhaps tax revenues in place of taxpayer expenses for law enforcement. This would dramatically reduce the number of interactions with law enforcement and reduce the police brutality claims. It would also reduce the amount of gun violence in the United States because it is related to the unlawful use of firearms to the illegal drug industry. This would be a hard pill to swallow and therefore unlikely for both Trump and Biden who have promoted it. Trump and Biden have been hardcore advocates for increasing enforcement on the illegal drug trade, while Jorgensen is in favor of bringing it in out of the darkness and legalizing drugs.

The economy is a challenge at the moment for any of the three candidates based on what governments on all levels have chosen how to deal with COVID-19. Through arbitrary government shutdowns of businesses and limiting the movement of American citizens, they have shattered the economy these last few months. While fears of COVID-19 would have affected business, it is clear the government mandates have made things worse financially for businesses and individuals while skyrocketing federal debt levels by trillions of dollars. Trump and Biden seem in agreement on the economic aspect of COVID-19 response. Biden has stated on his website, “Pursuing decisive economic measures to help hard-hit workers, families, and small businesses and to stabilize the American economy.” This is precisely what the Trump administration has done, so no difference there. In a recent Reason article, Jorgensen stated, “But the [COVID-19 reaction] has been the biggest assault on our liberties in our lifetime, and it’s two-pronged. There’s the personal assault, with us all under house arrest. We can’t go to our jobs, we can’t go to funerals, weddings, can’t see our families.”

We will tackle more about the presidential campaigns, issues, and state and local campaigns as the election season rolls forward.

You can take a poll to have your vote counted if the election was held today here:

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  1. Even though I’m no longer living in the United States I’m voting for Jo Jorgensen. In 1996 when she ran for Vice President I was her speechwriter and wrote many of her speeches. Jo is brilliant (she had a PhD) and if she’s allowed to participate in the presidential debates I think she will embarrass the hell out of both Trump and Biden. It is extremely unfair that both the Republican and Democrat parties have kept people of Jo’s caliber from participating in the televised debates. This as far as I’m concerned is a national disgrace and average Americans should be marching in protest against the televised debate commission that consist of 3 republicans and 3 democrats with no independent members. Many of the problems that are being faced today by Americans could be solved by Libertarian principals like non-initiation of force and respect for others property. A Libertarian Presidency would shrink the national debt, largely defund the government, stop trying to be the world’s policeman in other countries and bring peace, prosperity and freedom to the world. After the incredibly poor job the Republicans and Democrats have done running this country for the last 80 years. My question to the average American is simple. If the Libertarians got into power, how could they possibly do any worse?

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  2. There is no link to the poll as stated in the last line


  3. Thanks for having third party options on your poll. Americans need to know there are legitimate other options on all state ballots for the presidential race of 2020. We are in a horrible situation of thinking we can only choose between the lesser of 2 evils which is still a vote for evil. What we need is a vote for good. Someone who will actually change things for the better and not just make empty promises to dupe people into voting for them and dish out the same garbage for the last couple decades. #BeBoldVoteGold #DrJoJorgensen2020 #SheIsWithUs

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  4. There is no link to the poll available that I can see.


  5. Floridian here! Excited to vote for Jo Jorgensen!


  6. Thank you for being inclusive and including Jo!


  7. Y’allz the realest for putting third party option on your polls by name. Keep up the good and honest work.


  8. Jo 2020


  9. Thank you for not stifling our voice. I think these poll numbers reflect how frustrated many of us are with a system that preaches equality but shushes anyone they don’t like.
    Thank you for being balanced in this poll.


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