Americans for Prosperity is out with their 2018 Florida Legislative Scorecard — where does your legislator rank on economic freedom?

Americans for Prosperity in Florida (AFP-FL) has come out with their 2018 Legislative Scorecard for Florida legislators. The State Senators and State Representatives are ranked in terms of their voting on economic issues. And since those issues can vary with meaning from person to person, AFP-FL ranks those voting for economic freedom at the top and those voting for corporate welfare and anti-economic freedom the lowest. The ranking does not take into account social and other issues and focuses on economic freedom.

“This was one of the most successful sessions for free-market, liberty-advancing policies that will have an immediate and lasting impact toward making Florida the best state to live, work, and raise a family,” AFP-FL state director Chris Hudson said in a statement.

The top Florida State Senators are Dennis Baxley, Aaron Bean, Jeff Brandes, Rob Bradley, 2018-top-Florida-SenatorsDoug Broxson, Bill Galvano, Dorothy Hukill, Tom Lee, Debbie Mayfield, Joe Negron, Keith Perry, David Simmons, Wilton Simpson, and Greg Steube. None are in Palm Beach County. On the Florida House side, only two A+ rated elected officials in Palm Beach County earned top ranks and they are District 85 State Rep. Rick Roth and District 82 State Rep. MaryLynn Mager.

How did other Palm Beach County elected officials fair in the rankings? State Senators Bobby Powell and Kevin Rader both received “D” ratings for their poor voting record for economic freedom. Newly elected Lori Berman to the state Senate was not in office to rate but was in office as a Florida House Rep and AFP-FL rated her an “F” voting for only 41.5 percent of the time for economic freedom.

Besides Rick Roth and MaryLynn Mager, other Florida State Representatives from Palm Beach County did not fare well in the ranking. Joseph Abruzzo received an “F”, Al Jacquet a “D”, Emily Slosberg received an “F”, and Matt Willhite received a “C”. Bill Hager squeaked out an “A” rating and will not be back next session.


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