Ted Deutch loses integrity as he chooses politics over reason on Iran agreement

Washington, D.C. — Palm Beach County Democrat Ted Deutch seems to have a changing attitude on Iran now that Donald Trump is President of the United States. While Deutch did not support the Iran nuclear deal in 2015, he is not happy with Trump working to get out of it.

On Tuesday, Deutch stated in a press release noting how great the Iran nuclear agreement is, “We walk away from this deal alone, losing visibility into Iran’s nuclear activities and losing our ability to make sure the deal is being enforced in the strictest manner possible. By casting aside our allies we lose their trust and weaken our position to lead the international community in preventing Iranian nuclear weapons, stopping Iran’s destabilizing behavior, and on other pressing global security issues.”

But in 2015, Deutch stated in an OP-ED for the Sun-Sentinel, “The unwarranted giveaways for Iran tucked inside this deal are also concerning. Lifting the arms embargo in five years lets Iran procure the sophisticated missile defense systems they need to guard the nuclear weapons they want. And suspending the ballistic weapons ban after eight years allows Iran to develop the technology to deliver a weapon anywhere in the world.

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