Kennita Watson is the clear choice for Silicon Valley Congressional District 17 voters

On June 5, 2018, Silicon Valley voters in Congressional District 17 will decide who to next send to Washington, D.C. to represent them. Incumbent Democrat Ro Khanna will face fellow Democrats Khanh Tran and Stephen Forbes alongside Libertarian Kennita Watson and Republican Ron Cohen.

Watson’s strong Libertarian views are completely in line with District 17 voters on thekennita-watson-congress issues. Although the district has often voted for the Democratic Party candidate, it is time voters remove their blinders as Khanna has not been their friend or an effective representative of the people in Silicon Valley. Contrary to Khanna, Kennita Watson stands for more freedom, lower taxes, less government interference in both your personal life and business and stopping government infringements of your basic rights as an American and as a human being.

Many Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs agree with Watson that the government should make it easier to fire workers who are not performing as expected, she believes in the “gig economy” and wants to free it of some of its punitive regulations, and would like to see the influence of labor unions on the tech industry continue its decline.

Khanna needs to be given the boot and Kennita Watson needs to be given the chance to represent Silicon Valley’s District 17 promoting its values in Washington, D.C.

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