Florida’s U.S. Senate candidate list is now official

Tallahassee, Fla — Yesterday was the last day for federal candidates to qualify to be on


Democrat Bill Nelson

Florida’s ballot and we have eight official candidates running to be Florida’s next U.S. Senator. Incumbent Bill Nelson is the only Democrat in the race so he will not have to deal with a primary in August. Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente and Florida Governor Rick Scott will duke it out this summer and the winner of August’s Republican primary will face Nelson and the others in the general election in November.



Republican Rick Scott

I say the “others” as no other political party or NPA (no party affiliation) candidates have qualified to run but there are five write-in candidates. Write-in candidates’ names will not appear on the ballot; however, voters will have an opportunity to write their name on a line provided on the ballot. The five write-in candidates are Lateresa L.A. Jones, Howard Knepper, Michael S. Levinson, Charles Frederick Tolbert, and David Weeks.


De La Fuente is a California businessman who lost in 2016 in a Democratic Party primary for U.S. Senate and is currently on the ballot for the same position in California.

Although we will be covering the candidates for  U.S. House who have qualified in another article, it is worth noting that two of the U.S. House seats in Florida have gone unopposed. Those two are District 21’s Lois Frankel and District 14’s Kathy Castor, both Democrats.

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