Two Chicagoans exonerated by DNA evidence and evidence of police coercion

On January 30, 2018, with the consent of the Office of the Special State’s Attorney for Cook County, a Cook County Court dismissed the murder convictions of Kevin Bailey and Corey Batchelor based on DNA and other evidence that the two men, teenagers at the time, were physically coerced into falsely confessing. Bailey, who has served 28 years for the crime, was released hours after his exoneration. Batchelor was released in 2004 after 15 years in prison.

“As we’ve seen over and over again with these cases, sufficient force and coercion will force anyone to crack under pressure,” Innocence Project Senior Staff Attorney Bryce Benjet said.

“But that doesn’t solve crimes. It destroys the lives of those like Mr. Bailey and Mr. Batchelor who are wrongly convicted and their families, further harms victims who are also denied justice and sacrifices everyone’s safety.”

Bailey has created an Amazon wishlist for those willing to contribute.

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