Palm Beach County government should help homeless by ending their help

Boynton Beach, Fla – February 5, 2018 – The Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County (LP Palm Beach), the third largest political party in Palm Beach County, is looking forward to the day when the county government will help the homeless by getting out of the way. As with most government programs, the intention is often far superior than actually reaching its goals. The homeless situation in Palm Beach County is little different; just like it is not much different than 10 years ago. And now, Palm Beach County taxpayers are expected to pay almost $40 million more on their failed plan – and everyone agrees it has been a failure.

In 2008, the Palm Beach County government started a 10-year plan to end homelessness in the county. That ten-year plan’s deadline is this September and it is clear the county government has squandered millions of dollars it spent from county, state, and federal taxpayers. How much has homelessness been reduced in the county? A whopping NINE PERCENT! The county would have been better off cutting a $38,000 check each year to the 159 people it has helped get off the streets. Yet, in its 2017 budget report, the county states they are “among the best in the country.”

Karl Dickey, Chair of the LP Palm Beach, said this morning, “While we can appreciate the intent of our county commissioners to help the homeless, the government should get out of the way of private charities in doing their job. The county and the State of Florida need to dramatically reduce all taxes on its citizens while tearing down the many government barriers to entrepreneurship and economic growth. It needs to stop giving corporate welfare to billionaires while letting private charities do their thing and get out of the way.”

LP Palm Beach would advise the county commission to adhere to the wise words of Harry Browne, “True compassion requires religious and community-based charities to handle welfare. Government is neither efficient or compassionate in this area.”

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