Clothing optional beach in Palm Beach County this summer? Perhaps

This morning, February 2, 2018, the non-profit Palm Beach Naturists sent a demand letter to Palm Beach County Commissioners. It was a call for a family-friendly clothing-optional beach at one of their 11 public county beaches (see below). Last year, they were unofficially denied; however, the naturists still are retaining their right under Florida law to set up a clothing optional beach on their own. If the county does not act by their April 20, 2018, commission meeting, then the growing group says they will do it themselves, setting up their own signs and will decide which beach it will be.

They also have an online petition they just started which they expect to have over 1,000 signatures by the close of February. The group looks forward to “thousands of Palm Beach County residents and tourists will be able to enjoy a family-friendly clothing optional beach in our own backyard this summer.”

On its Facebook page, the group has a call to action for its base with the following:

We want you to email or call your Palm Beach County Commissioner or feel free to contact them all demanding a family-friendly clothing-optional beach in the county. See our letter to the commissioners below that they received this morning. You can email all the county commissioners just by using this one email address:

Use this or a variant in the subject line: We demand a public clothing-optional beach in the county

In their letter, they attached a convincing argument as to the tourist dollars it would bring to the county as a comprehensive economic impact study was done last year.

Here is their letter to county commissioners:

Palm Beach Naturists, Inc.
(a Florida non-profit)
303 E Woolbright Rd #233, Boynton Beach, Florida 33435
February 2, 2018

Palm Beach County Commission
301 N Olive Ave
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

RE: We demand a public clothing-optional beach in the county

Dear Honorable Palm Beach County Commissioners,

This issue came up briefly last summer without a resolution and we are now demanding that Palm Beach County provides a beach or a section of a beach to be set aside for the purpose of clothing-optional recreation as per Florida Statute, Florida case law, and the Florida Supreme Court. The county owns and manages 11 beaches so there is plenty of space to provide such a beach. The clothing-optional beach will have clear signage showing that beach or that section of a beach is specifically for that purpose.

Having a beach of this nature will be helpful to the county in bringing in additional dollars to the county budget while providing Palm Beach County taxpayers somewhere they can enjoy the beach without having to drive an hour north or an hour south. We feel there is no reason to send that money north and south of our county and would prefer to keep that money here. Clothing-optional travel is gaining wider acceptance from mainstream America and we feel our county should reap those travel dollars. All polling we are able to access finds that it is overwhelmingly popular so long as a beach properly warns that it is designated as a nude or clothing-optional beach. Just this week, Forbes Magazine did a positive article on nude and clothing-optional travel. Attached, please find a comprehensive economic impact study that was done last year for Florida regarding nude travel in the state.

We just put up an online petition which already has 100 signatures and is growing every hour. We will have over 1,000 signatures by the close of the month. We expect you to have a beach or a portion of a public beach set aside for the purpose of a clothing-optional beach on or before April 20, 2018. Please feel free to work with the League of Cities to see if there is a non-county public beach available for this purpose. If you do not, then we will abide by Florida Statute and designate a portion of a Palm Beach County public beach for that purpose in May 2018, setting up our own signage.

Thanks to you, thousands of Palm Beach County residents and tourists will be able to enjoy a family-friendly clothing optional beach in our own backyard this summer.


Karl Dickey
Executive Director
Palm Beach Naturists, Inc.

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