Commentary: More political theater as the federal government continues to erode our freedoms

Today, the House of Representatives voted 256-164 to extend NSA on Americans even though they are not legally permitted to do so. I know, it’s pretty confusing and even more so disgusting. Additionally, when handed an amendment to plug up some of these horrible privacy offenses, both Republicans and Democrats chose to vote it down.

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While Democrats and Republicans wave the American flag and focus their media sound bites on less consequential issues, they voted today to extend Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Even though the NSA is not supposed to be surveilling American’s communications, they do as most Americans unwittingly become part of a dragnet of investigations that ends up covering the entire country.

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 Justin Amash had put forward his USA Rights amendment to help quell down some of the large amounts of information collected on Americans through the NSA. His amendment was quashed by 55 Democrats and 178 Republicans in the Senate. Locally, Democrat Lois Frankel voted against Amash’s amendment while Democrat Ted Deutch and Republican Brian Mast voted for it.

Justin Amash on Twitter Thank you to the 183 Republicans and Democrats who voted yes on the Amash Lofgren USARIGHTS Amendment We fell short today but a large gr… https t co E2g


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