Hillsborough County voters go to the polls today, will a Libertarian be elected to the Florida House?

Today, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., polls will be opening in Florida House District 58 for


Bryan Zemina

registered voters to vote in a special election to represent them in Tallahassee. There are four candidates on the ballot vying for the $30,000 a year salary: Bryan Zemina (Libertarian), Jose Vazquez (Democrat), Ahmad Hussam Saadaldin (No Party Affiliation), and Lawrence McClure (Republican).


The special election was scheduled after Dan Raulerson resigned for health reasons. This left the seat open which tends to vote Republican and there is speculation that Zemina may have a shot as voters have grown tired of the standardized Republican candidates. Zemina could be the best thing a Republican voter could want. He is strong on actually reducing government spending, reducing crime, reducing regulations, and the upholding the Second Amendment.

We will know later tonight whether the voters in District 58 favor a Republican, a Libertarian, a Democrat or if they go for someone without any political party backing whatsoever. We’ll keep you posted.


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