Libertarians tend to be  Christian, followed closely by those considering themselves agnostic or atheist

The Libertarian Party recently put out an online survey to its members and has so far lpf-torch.pngreceived just shy of 6,000 responses with 46 percent considering themselves Christian. The question posed was “I consider myself to be a Libertarian politically and the term that best describes my religion is __________.”

The Christian responses ranged from 10 percent being Catholic to 5 percent as Baptist and just about every other denomination one could consider as Christian. About 36 percent of respondents consider themselves either agnostic or atheist (14%, 22% respectively). Three percent of those answering the survey consider themselves Jewish and one percent as Muslim. Four percent of respondents chose not to reveal their religion if any. The responses are similar to those held in 2015 when the Party did a similar survey and found almost identical results even though the Libertarian Party has grown dramatically since then.

Wes Benedict, Executive Director for the Libertarian Party stated,

In religion, as in all things, Libertarians are a diverse group. I think this is one of the great beauties of Libertarianism. We have devout Christians working side-by-side with staunch atheists working side-by-side with Jews and Muslims and pagans and people of every other religious conviction.

Obviously, these religious groups disagree on many things. But, as Libertarians, we all fundamentally respect each other’s rights to worship and live our lives as we choose and to make sure the government stays out of it.”

The general populous of America is showing a trend away from religion in favor of considering oneself agnostic or atheist. A Gallup Poll released in 2015 found atheists and agnostics increasing by 5 percent since 2008, while the percentage of Christians has fallen by 5 percent over the same period.


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  1. The article contradicts the headline. According to the article, fewer than half of Libertarians describe themselves as Christian, which means that no, they are not “mostly” Christian. Rather, Christian is the largest group, but Libertarians are not “mostly” any religion.


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