Florida voters may be able to vote for term limiting School Board politicians on the 2018 ballot

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Term Limits (USTL), the leader of the national movement to limit


Phil Blumel, President of U.S. Term Limits

terms for elected officials, today praised the Local Government Committee of the Florida Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC). The committee passed a proposal of Erika Donalds, who is also a member of the Collier County School Board, which brings Florida voters a step closer to being able to vote in 2018, on whether eight years is enough for all School Board politicians.

The proposal passed with a 5-1 vote. Nick Tomboulides, Executive Director of USTL was pleased, yet not surprised by the overwhelming support, “The issue of term limits enjoys wide bi-partisan support with voters, however, it’s less favorable with lobbyist and career politicians”, explains Tomboulides, “this was made clear when Commissioner Bob Solari expressed his opposition to the measure and the lobbyists gave him a standing ovation!”. Tomboulides concluded, “It’s refreshing to be working with the CRC which is closer to the citizen legislature model which term limits would ensure if implemented.”


The School Board remains one of few areas in Florida government where there are no term limits yet, with the exception of Duval County.

School Board term limits still aren’t on the 2018 ballot yet. This measure has to pass a drafting committee and then be elevated to the full Commission level for a final vote.

The Commission announced earlier this week, their intention of making a second state tour to get input from voters before taking a final vote.

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