Zemina lashes out at supposed ‘pro-farmer’ McClure in Florida’s hotly contested District 58 special election race

Hillsborough County, Fla — Bryan Zemina, candidate for Special Election of December 2017, for Florida House District 58, makes a public statement regarding his opponent, Lawrence McClure, and his positioning of pro-farmer, anti-immigrant.

Bryan Zemina stated, “When we look at policies to be put in place, we have to look at the repercussions of the policies.  When we see hypocrisy, the supporting of two things that do not work together, we have to call it out.  So, in this case, where we see Lawrence supporting deportation, no-amnesty, no work, absolutely no forgiveness for illegals and for people who are here working, while then supporting the agriculture industry wholeheartedly, I raise my hand, and it makes me wonder, how this is possibly going to work?  We have an agricultural industry that is heavily based on affordable labor.  You know it, I know it, we all know it, it is not a secret.  There are migrant workers that travel around the country, picking during different seasons, starting down in Miami, and working their way up to Michigan throughout the course of the year.  There are people that stay year-round in Central Florida.”

“If we have extreme immigration policies that make people afraid to work here, afraid to be a part of the system, afraid to be contributing to the system, and doing what is really a much better life for themselves and their families, we are going to see a collapse of the agriculture economy that we have.  In Central Florida, especially district 58, it has a very-very large agriculture industry.  So, when we remove the affordable labor, and it is labor that, and we all know, legal citizens, American citizens do not do this work, very very rarely do American citizens become laborers and crop pickers.  When we remove this labor field, and make people afraid to work here, what happens is we either shut down farms, and agriculture, especially the small farms that cannot do automated picking, things that rely on crop picking, like oranges, like strawberries, tomatoes, all those sorts of things, when you remove the labor, you either jack the prices so the farm can stay in business, or the farm collapses.  So you cannot support agriculture while supporting deportation.  They do not go hand in hand, they do not work.  A logical person can look at the bigger picture and know this.”

Doubling down on Lawrence’s continued hypocritical positions, Mr. Zemina said,

“We see that Lawrence, one of his businesses, Streamline Environmental, does quite a few things, and one of the things they do is enforce regulations.  He has been actively speaking about knowing the regulation system, knowing the pitfalls, knowing the bureaucracy, knowing all the government entities that are involved in regulations and how it is a mess, and I do not disagree with him on that.  The problem is, his business enforces regulations.  So, for him to stand up there and say he is against regulations is counter-intuitive to his business interests.  I do not believe him when he says he is going to try to reduce regulations.  I do not see that as a logical thing because of his business interests.  That is like me saying I want to slow down construction.  That does not make sense.  So let us call out hypocrisy when we see it.”

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