Where will patients in Palm Beach County be able to get medical marijuana with so many local politicians defying voters?

In November 2016, Palm Beach County voters overwhelmingly approved the legal use ofDiscount_Medical_Marijuana_-_2.jpg medical marijuana in a successful statewide initiative. Palm Beach County Commissioners will vote today whether to lift their moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated areas of the county. On Tuesday evening, the Delray Beach City Council voted to continue their moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries defying voters’ wishes. Palm Beach County residents voted over 66 percent in favor of legalizing the medical use of marijuana in 2016 and yet several Palm Beach County cities are openly rebutting their votes. Overall, state voters favored legalized medical marijuana by over 71 percent.

While prescription opioids are poisoning Palm Beach County residents, relief from those addictions are being openly denied by local politicians. So while local politicians complain about the out of control “opioid crisis”, they continue to deny ways of relief to help the crisis. Besides medical marijuana, there has been a concerted effort in recent years to deny access to kratom which has proven itself to be helpful in opioid addiction. Thankfully, libertarian-minded Palm Beachers have helped stop the ban of kratom and hopefully will stop the unconscionable actions by local politicians in making the opioid crisis worse by making access to medical marijuana more difficult.

While politicians may think they are doing the right thing, they are doing the complete opposite with these bans. They are not helping patients and they are not helping the business community. We can only hope that Palm Beach County Commissioners are wiser than some local city leaders with their vote today and lift their ban on medical marijuana dispensaries.

Here is a list of physicians who have been approved by the State of Florida to give patients a prescription for medical marijuana. Here is a list of medical marijuana dispensaries that the government has permitted for patients to pick up their prescriptions in Florida.

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  1. In a just society, it wouldn’t be any more possible for a municipality to ban pot stores as it would for them to ban houses of religious worship. It’s not as if anyone is forced to go in one and make a purchase.


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