Florida House District 58 candidate Bryan Zemina speaks out about immigration and President Donald Trump

Florida House District 58 candidate Bryan Zemina, upon learning of the news Sunday, September 24, 2017, that the Trump Administration is broadening restrictions on immigration and travel visas to the United States said:

”This affects Florida.  Not only is our nation a nation of immigrants, Florida especially is.  Floridians are proud of our Christian roots, and we know the right thing to do for people in harm’s way it to extend our hand and help these people.”

Zemina is the Libertarian Party of Florida candidate in the special election for District 58


Bryan Zemina

which will happen on December 19, 2017, for voters in the Tampa Bay area. There is a primary for two Republicans running for the office, Lawrence McClure and Yvonne Fry. The winner of that primary will face Zemina, Democratic candidate Jose Vazquez and Ahmed Saadaldin who is running without any party affiliation.


Bryan Zemina made mention of Venezuela as once being a vibrant oil exporter and capitalist center of South America.  Mr. Zemina said, “It has shocked me to read, on my opponent Mr. McClure’s public website that ‘we should end our participation in the … Federal Refugee Program’.  The people of Florida have many connections with the suffering people of Venezuela, a country in its second decade of Socialism, a state that has crashed its economy, judicially tore up its constitution, has stopped federal elections and effectively installed a dictator, Nicolas Maduro. Tampa Bay area is estimated to have 75,000 Venezuelans living in the region, and my opponent wants the government to shut down our Assistance to true refugees, coming from collapsed countries.  I find this heartless, short-sighted, and not in keeping with our Floridian values of helping our neighbors to our South.”

Of the eight countries affected by these broadened restrictions, Candidate Bryan Zemina further commented, “We can all agree that the immigrants must have identification and passports that are correct, and have systems in place in their home countries that capture any histories of criminality.” He concluded his comments saying, “Vetting is not of issue with the Venezuelans, these people surviving the year and finding food to eat, is!”

Bryan Zemina is a Professional Engineer working in Tampa, engineering projects across the South US.  He is married to his wife, Chrissy, a resident Doctor of Vascular Surgery at Tampa General Hospital.  They own a home in Temple Terrace.  Zemina was born in Largo, Florida and most of his extended family live in Hillsborough County.

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