Arkansas Libertarian Party will be on the 2018 Arkansas ballot

Little Rock, Ark.  – After receiving the required number of signatures, the Libertarian Party of Arkansas (LPAR) has received the green light to appear on the 2018 ballot in Arkansas.
Monday, Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin declared the Libertarian Party a “New Political Party” for the fourth consecutive time.
Now that the LPAR is officially on the ballot for 2018, candidate recruitment will be the party’s next major task.
The Party had submitted 15,108 signatures to the Elections Division of the Secretary of State’s office on June 12. After spending almost three weeks verifying the submitted signatures, the Secretary of State notified the party that its new political party petition was sufficient. Leslie Bellamy, the Director of Elections, informed the party that 12,749 of the signatures were valid.
In accordance with Arkansas Code, new political parties are required to file a petition with the Secretary of State. The party has 90 days to collect signatures from at least 10,000 registered Arkansas voters. To retain ballot access, the party’s candidate for Governor will have to receive 3% of the votes cast for Governor.
According to Stephen Wait, the party’s Treasurer, “Petitioning to become a new political party again cost over $25,000 and a lot of volunteer hours. Despite the obstacles the old parties put in our way, we are happy to provide freedom loving Arkansans the opportunity to vote for candidates who will represent their views.”
The Libertarian Party of Arkansas is currently seeking liberty minded individuals who are interested in running for office. The LPAR’s elections committee has already been contacted by numerous people interested in seeking the party’s nomination for various positions.
Vice-chairman, Chris Olson, said “It’s an important election with all constitutional officers up for election. We are committed to providing the people of Arkansas with a strong set of pro-liberty candidates. We will not shirk from our commitment to providing a consistent voice for limited responsible government.” He urged those who are interested in running for office as a Libertarian to contact for more information.

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