A testimony of transformation and hope that illustrates how life challenges can empower in new book ‘A New Hope’

Sanford, Fla. — Focusing on inner growth, BIANCA wrote her new book, “A NEW HOPE: ONE WOMAN’S JOURNEY”, which communicates the idea that if one uses one’s inner strength, has faith and works toward one’s dreams, there is nothing one cannot accomplish in life.a-new-hope.jpg

Most of the book’s story takes place overseas where BIANCA was born. Her mother and Aunt Lucy figure heavily into the story as BIANCA says they helped her to practice her internal powers at an early age. Her mother’s instability forced BIANCA to face drastic changes and endure harsh “situplaceations” at an early age. Those moments had a profound impact on BIANCA’s life, and such impact was later reflected in a sudden encounter with cancer. She also recounts her culinary and leukemia experiences that happened in the United States.

“That no matter how disadvantaged, forgotten, ill, or dysfunctional one may think one feels, there is hope for everything to get better,” BIANCA says. “Because persistence, inner understanding, and inner growth is the answer not only to move from a victim state to a victorious one but also to manifest the external changes that makes one’s life pleasant.”


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