Palm Beach County Clothing Optional Beach Proposal Moves On To ‘Plan B’

Boynton Beach, Fla — Palm Beach Naturists, a nonprofit based in Palm Beach County, has met with county commissioners and have determined they are not interested in setting aside a section of a county public beach for clothing-optional recreation. The group is now moving on to ‘Plan B’.PalmBeachNaturists2

Palm Beach Naturists’ Executive Director, Karl Dickey, said this afternoon, “Although we are disappointed that the county government has chosen not to offer its residents the great option of a family-friendly clothing-optional beach on a county public beach, we understand their hesitancy. We continue our work to re-establish a clothing-optional beach at MacArthur Beach State Park and will look further at which municipalities would benefit the most by having such a magnificent asset in their city. We reserve our right under Florida law to set aside a section of beach for that purpose on our own, and were really hoping county commissioners would realize the value of doing it themselves.”

Dickey did not say a county public beach is completely off the table; however, the chances of the county doing it on their own, which was the group’s ‘Plan A’, have diminished considerably to about 5 percent. Florida law does offer the ability for the group to establish a public family-friendly clothing-optional beach on their own so long as that section of beach is set aside for that purpose and there is proper signage. Dickey continued, “We have plans A through F and I don’t give up. Palm Beach County residents will once again have a family-friendly clothing-optional beach available to them in the not-too-distant future.”

Palm Beach Naturists, Inc. is a grassroots nonprofit Florida corporation that evolved from what was called Palm Beach County Freedom Beach Initiative. The effort began in April 2017 to re-establish a family-friendly clothing-optional beach in Palm Beach County no matter if on state, county, or municipal public land. The group’s tagline reads: Freedom – Family – Fun.

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  1. MacAuthur Beach makes sense. It is private enough and was naturist beach in the past. Pay to park, money goes to State Park Service.


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