Florida Governor Rick Scott floats prohibition of state government doing business with Venezuela or doing business with any organization that supports the socialist nation

Tallahassee, Fla — This week, Florida Governor Rick Scott said he would introduce an agenda item to bring before the Trustees of the State Board of Administration in August that would prohibit the State of Florida from doing business with any organization that supports Venezuela’s Maduro regime. More details of the Governor’s proposal will be made available prior to the August 16, 2017, Cabinet Meeting.

Rick Scott for Florida, Rick Scott for Governor

Governor Rick Scott official portrait. Photo by Shealah Craighead

Governor Rick Scott said, “During the next meeting of the Florida Cabinet in August, I will bring forward a proposal that will prohibit the State of Florida from doing business with any organization that supports the oppressive Maduro dictatorship. Floridians stand with the people of Venezuela as they fight for their freedom, and as a state, we must not provide any support for Maduro and his thugs.

“On Venezuela Independence Day, we stand in solidarity with the opposition to the brutal Maduro regime, whose crimes against his own people continue daily. In fact, just today, Maduro’s henchmen violently disrupted a meeting of the opposition-controlled National Assembly. This is unacceptable behavior that Florida will not tolerate.”

While Venezuela is guilty of many cases of abuse to its people, doesn’t the Governor also restrict the freedom of Floridians and puts its citizens in cages (jail) for many years for disobeying him and his laws? When will he sign pardons for those convicted of victimless crimes? For a businessman, Scott doesn’t seem to want the free market to reign here in Florida. He often picks winners and losers when it comes to handing out taxpayer funds to his billionaire friends. Rather than shrinking the size of the state government as he promised when he first ran for Governor of Florida, he has consistently increased its size and budget. He has completely abandoned the principles of the Tea Party which was strongly responsible for his being elected. The hypocrisy runs thick in his statement this week.


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