Austin Petersen runs for U.S. Senate in Missouri as a Republican

PECULIAR, MO. — Former Libertarian presidential candidate Austin Petersen announced yesterday, July 4, 2017, his intention to run for the U.S. Senate out of Missouri in the 2018 election. He made the announcement at an open-invite Fourth of July party on his family farm in Peculiar, Missouri.austin-petersen.jpg

“After running for president in the 2016 election, my passion to restore liberty in this country has not waned,” said Petersen, who will run as a Republican. “I want to bring both my state and my country back to living under a principled, constitutional, limited government.” In 2016, Petersen ran for president under the Libertarian Party’s ticket; however, the Party membership elected two-term Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson as their presidential nominee.


“I’m running to defend American values and to secure our freedoms for us and for our posterity. I commit to introducing new ideas, choosing honesty over being politically correct and carrying the banner of freedom forward,” he added.

Petersen’s key policy concerns include promoting jobs and economic growth, reducing government spending and debt, prioritizing national security, reforming the criminal justice system, protecting Americans’ privacy by limiting government surveillance and lowering healthcare costs.

“I encourage my fellow Missourians to join me. I’m so moved by supporters old and new who have already come together to partner with us.”

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