Luv Burger launches world’s first beach front vegan restaurant in Costa Rica

Samara, Costa Rica — Like we needed another reason to visit Costa Rica, Luv Burger, a plant-based restaurant has announced their grand opening of the world’s first beach front vegan restaurant. Nowhere else in the world can you eat 100% plant-based food while sitting on the sand next to the ocean.luv-burger-costa-rica

“This is an exciting time for us since we first arrived in Costa Rica we had been dreaming about a beach front location, finally the time has come,” said Fabrizio Pilato, CEO of Luv Burger Franchises. “We can now cater to a much larger audience, especially large groups and special events. We are very eager to be working with the community to make a new healthy destination for tourists and Costa Rican travelers.”

Luv Burger, famous for its Coconut Bacun Cashew-Cheeseburger, cashew cheesecakes and homebrew Kombucha has organically grown its business over the years to satisfy the growing need for healthy plant-based foods without preservatives and additives.

“Often times one person in a family is health conscious, they bring in their mother or father, or their husband or wife, and to everyone’s amazement, they love the food so much that they keep returning. We are the gap bridger. Fast food is a large part of our culture and is also one of the hardest things to ‘give up’ or ‘avoid’ when making lifestyle changes. We don’t want you to give up something you love, and we want people to feel good when they eat. That’s why Luv Burger is here,” said Sandra Price, Co-Founder of Luv Burger Franchises.

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Luv Burger is the world’s first plant-based burger restaurant to launch a beach front location. With two locations in Costa Rica, Playa Samara and San Jose, Luv Burger has developed a system to expand healthy plant-based American food across the globe. The privately owned health conscious, animal-friendly and planet-pleasing company was established in 2012.

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