Naturists organize beach clean up at Gulfstream Park

Gulfstream, Fla — June 17, 2017 — Palm Beach Naturists, a nonprofit based in Palm Beach County, helped clean up about 35 pounds of trash off Gulfstream Park located in between Delray Beach and Briny Breezes.  Volunteers gathered to clean the beach with trash bags, gloves and their reach grabbers pulling up cigarette butts, beer cans, dozens of bottle tops, plastic bags, amongst many other items.

beach--clean-up-palm--beach-naturistsPalm Beach Naturists President, Karl Dickey said of this morning’s haul, “We helped a bit this morning and look forward to larger beach clean ups in the near future at other beaches in Palm Beach County. Naturists want clean and safe beaches and though the county does a fabulous job, it is important that volunteers like Palm Beach Naturists come out to help. Our beaches are a precious natural resource for recreation and relaxation as well as a scenic treat for tourists. We look forward soon to a day where naturists will be able to take care of a clothing-optional beach here in the county. It is also important for the public to understand we are strong stewards of the beaches we visit.” Another beach cleanup is in the works and will be announced soon when and where.

Palm Beach Naturists is a growing group of over 500 residents interested in having a public beach set aside for clothing optional recreation as afforded under Florida law. The group is working with Palm Beach County officials to increase tourism by adding a family-friendly clothing optional beach in the county. Currently, Palm Beach County residents and tourists are forced to drive to Ft. Pierce to the North or Sunny Isles to the South if they wish to enjoy the beach in the buff without fear of false arrest by law enforcement.


Palm Beach Naturists, Inc. recently incorporated as a nonprofit under the laws of the State of Florida and started as a grassroots effort in April 2017 under the name “Palm Beach County Freedom Beach Initiative.” The group will soon have a website along with an online store of items available for purchase to help the group conduct their mission of education and freedom in Palm Beach County.


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  1. So sorry I couldn’t make it today. would have loved to help out. It’s wonderful to keep our beaches clean, but even better if we can show the community that we naturists are very involved with conserving the beaches and nature as well. Chapeau for the volunteers who did make it to the beach today!


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