‘The Godfather’ film being shown today for 45th anniversary of its release

New York, (NY) – The New York City Godfather Fan Club, featuring Godfather star actorgodfather_250x375_r2 Gianni Russo (Corleone son-in-law Carlo Rizzi in the film) will host a free 45th Anniversary Fan Lunch at Sojourn Restaurante, 244 East 79th Street, Manhattan, at 11:45 am, Wednesday (June 7, 2017), as one of the most iconic movies of all time is returns to theaters nationwide tonight. The iconic film was shown on June 4, 2017, and will be seen in select South Florida theaters today for one last time.

Russo, who had a key role in the movie as the husband of the only Corleone daughter, Connie, will show memorabilia from the film, including the famous trash can thrown at him during a fight scene with Sonny Corleone on the streets of Harlem that turned all too real.

Samuel Muscovo, President of the NYC Godfather Fan Club will be making an offer no one can’t refuse: a free Godfather lunch. featuring Italian food and music from the movie.

The Godfather movie, one of Hollywood’s biggest hits ever, will be shown in 700 theaters across the country. The movie traces the lives of the Corleone family from its beginnings in the early 1900s on the streets of the Lower East Side.

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