Libertarian Party of Cuba Releases Video Confronting State Police


LP Cuba

Yesterday, the Libertarian Party of Cuba (Partido Libertario Cubano – Jose Marti) released a video to their Facebook of the members confronting state police stationed outside of their Chairwoman’s home. This video is part of what lead up to the raid on the party’s headquarters and arrest of its officers and members on May 31.

“At a huge risk to their lives and freedom, the leaders and activists of the Cuban Libertarian Party confronted the State Security agents (secret policemen) staking out the Chairwoman’s house. What followed this incident was a mass arrest. The Libertarians also share details of their arrest and abuse by State Security and the National Revolutionary Police on May 31,” stated the freedom fighters when posting the video.

The video begins with the party members stating that two of their members will maintain a hunger strike until the arrested members are released. The state…

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