Police lie to Tiger Woods during investigation of DUI

As most know by now, professional golfer Tiger Woods was arrested Monday morningtiger-woods-golf.jpg for DUI (Driving While Under the Influence). Full video of the arrest can be seen at the end of this story. What has often been cut out of newscast videos of the incident is that one of the officers said that he smelled “some odor coming from you” after asking if Woods had been drinking. But Woods’ blew twice into an Intoxilyzer machine registering zero alcohol. It came out later that Woods may have been under the influence of legal prescription medication and not alcohol as the police officer had assumed and clearly lied about. If the officer did smell alcohol, then he needs retraining — perhaps at a bar.

Lying about smelling alcohol or marijuana is a common tactic used by police even though they do not smell those substances, in order to justify in their mind, the need for further an investigation. The hope is that the police officer scores a big arrest so he receives accolades from his fellow officers and it helps boasts the numbers for their law enforcement agency.

tiger-woods-car-2According to the D.U.I. Probable Cause Affidavit signed by Jupiter Police Officer Christopher Fandrey, Woods’ car was parked on both the roadway and right shoulder of Indian Creek Parkway, the engine was running, and the brake lights were on. Woods’ car had a flat tire on the front driver’s side and there was slight damage to the tire rim as well as if he’d hit a curb hard. There was also some small damage to the left front bumper wrap. There have not been any reports of damage to any individual, personal property or public property.



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