Imagine the Future through Space Center Houston’s Summer Exhibit

If you thought teleportation, holograms, invisibility and mind control were only in theBeam-me-up31 movies — think again. Space Center Houston’s summer exhibit Science Fiction, Science Future, presented by Coca-Cola, May 27-Sept. 4, 2017, engages visitors to move objects with their mind, be mimicked by a lifelike robot and see augmented reality in action.

“Our summer exhibit takes visitors on an adventure connecting science fiction to actual science principles,” said the center’s President and CEO William T. Harris. “There’s something for everyone whether you’re a science fiction fan, interested in how robots work or in what’s happening now in space exploration.”

Created by the renowned Scitech Discovery Centre in Western Perth, Australia, and produced by Imagine Exhibitions, Science Fiction, Science Future provides visitors with exciting hands-on experiences that challenge the mind and body. Visitors will experiment with creativity and innovation and develop a deeper understanding of how science fiction ideas and concepts might become the science reality of tomorrow.

This exhibition sets the stage for a unique journey of science exploration, curiosity and discovery. From future housing to how humans will live on Mars, the exhibit brings an exciting vision of life to come. Visitors will discover links to science fiction films and pop culture references through an array of hands-on interactives. They will delve into science principles through medical technology, communication and transport.

The exhibit incorporates robots, invisibility, mind control, holograms and augmented reality with hands-on and full-body experiences. Through immersive experiences, visitors will experiment with evolving technologies and develop an understanding of how science benefits society now and in the future.

  • Take a page from Phillip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and use augmented reality to design a cyborg.
  • Make different facial expressions and watch a lifelike robot mimic your expressions, like the shapeshifting androids in Terminator 2.
  • Become an X-Man and compete with others to move an object with your mind.
  • Steal a page from Star Trek and navigate a computer using only your eyes or climb aboard a transporter and give the illusion that you’re being beamed out and back again.

The Manned Space Flight Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit science and space learning center with extensive educational programs. Space Center Houston is the cornerstone of its mission to inspire all generations through the wonders of space exploration. The center draws more than 1 million visitors annually, was called “The Big Draw” by USA Today and generates a $73 million annual economic impact in the greater Houston area. Space Center Houston is Houston’s first Smithsonian Affiliate and the Official Visitor Center of NASA Johnson Space Center. More than 200,000 teachers and students from around the world visit the center annually to experience our educational space museum with more than 400 things to see and experience.

Imagine Exhibitions is currently producing over 25 unique exhibitions in museums, science centers, aquariums, integrated resorts, and non-traditional venues worldwide. In addition to developing successful traveling exhibitions, Imagine Exhibitions designs, opens, and operates permanent installations and venues, and consults on building, expanding, and directing museums and attractions. With over 25 years of diverse experience in the museum and entertainment industries, Imagine Exhibitions consistently develops exhibitions that educate and excite while exceeding attendance goals.

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