Florida Libertarians elect new chairman, finish convention later today in Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach, Fla — The Libertarian Party of Florida (LP Florida) is conducting its annual business meeting in Cocoa Beach, Florida this weekend. The weekend has featured nationally-known libertarians and other speakers for the crowd.  LP Florida is the third largest political party in Florida and is undergoing a dramatic growth spurt while the two older parties are not faring as well.


Marcos Miralles (photo credit: Jodi McMasters)

Yesterday, delegates to the convention elected Marco Miralles to replace Char-Lez Braden as the Chairman to the Libertarian Party of Florida. Despite Miralles only being 23 years old, people were inspired by the county affiliate’s accomplishments in Miami-Dade County which he is the Vice-Chairman. Miralles is easy on the eyes and we heard from several women in attendance they look forward to him bringing more women into the party. Miralles will officially become the party’s chair after the conclusion of today’s annual business meeting.

Miralles is seeking to have at least 100 Libertarians in public office by 2021 and hopes to dramatically increase help to candidates running for office. He also seeks to increase the fundraising efforts of the county affiliates and LP Florida.

As with most political parties there were some internal conflicts and there was a move afoot to replace the entire LP Florida Executive Committee. But that was not to be. Omar Recuero was re-elected Vice-Chairman of LP Florida and Alison Foxall was re-elected Director At Large 1. LP Florida newcomer Greg Peele won Director At Large 3 by an overwhelming majority.

Today, the state political party will elect their Regional Representatives who also serve on the party’s Executive Committee. The Regional Reps are voted in by each of their regions for which there are 14.

Between Friday and Saturday, noted speakers included Bernard Von Nothaus, Thomas DiLorenzo, Matt Welch, Lauren Rumpler, and Larry Sharpe. This morning, LP Florida delegates adjourn around mid-day and we will offer a full report on Monday.


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