Florida’s Governor race gains interest between Morgan, Wiseman, and Putnam; Graham expected to announce today

Yesterday, May 1, 2017, Republican Adam Putnam officially filed to run in the 2018


Randy Wiseman, Libertarian for Florida Governor 2018

Florida Gubernatorial race against Libertarian Randy Wiseman, and Democrat John Morgan. Morgan has not officially filed; however, he is widely expected to enter the race. Democrat Gwen Graham, daughter of Senator Bob Graham, is expected to file and/or announce today. Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine is also expected to run but no specific announcement date is known. Levine has put about $2 million in his All About Florida political committee in March.


There are 13 Floridians who have filed for the office and they include:




NPA (No Party Affiliation)

More will add themselves to the list as the race moves forward; however, it will not be until qualifying time in June 2018 when we will know who will actually make it onto the ballot for Florida voters to consider during the Primary and the General Election.

One of the first unscientific polls we’ve seen was done last night via Facebook through the Central Florida Post Facebook page. They did a Facebook Live poll which included both those who have filed to run for Governor and some who had not yet filed but have voiced they are seriously considering doing so. The poll included Richard Corcoran, Randy Wiseman, John Morgan, Adam Putnam, Andrew Gillum and Chris King. The result of 630 participants in the poll was:

404  Libertarian Randy Wiseman

96    Democrat John Morgan

63   Republican Adam Putnam

36   Republican Richard Corcoran

25   Democrat Andrew Gillum

6     Democrat Chris King


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  1. For more information on Randy Wiseman, please check out the links below.

    Facebook Page:




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  2. Since Mr. Wiseman’s NOT an honorably discharged veteran (like me, and unlike various prior LPF candidates who got blacked-out & ignored, he never served) perhaps Florida’s indolent “news” media will deign to actually cover his campaign?


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