Commentary: Trump protesters doth protest too much; he’s more bark than bite

Since Donald Trump’s election to the White House, hundreds of thousands if not millionstrump-protesters have gone out to protest how Donald Trump is going to decimate the EPA and the poor while benefiting the rich. Some were concerned RU-486 wouldn’t be available to them on January 20th – the day of Trump’s inauguration. What we have seen is none of the above in the president’s first 100 days and we will likely not see such cuts to the federal government or its spending. The new $1 trillion budget that was passed for spending through October hardly changes anything, except a $25 billion bump in military spending. Trump is more bark than bite as he continues to renege on his campaign promises, like most politicians.

For example, millions of Americas were freaking out that the president proposed to cut the EPA’s budget by 31 percent. The budget will only be cut by 1 percent. The National Endowment for the Arts was supposed to go away; instead, it is getting more funding. RU-486 is still available to women who want it. In fact, the price has dropped and is now available for under $50. And there has been no repeal, as well as no likely repeal, of Roe v. Wade anytime soon.

Much like conservatives unnecessarily feared losing their guns when Barack Obama was elected, liberals have done the same on the others side. In fact, these people are being played by the oldest methods to control populations — fear. “But he said…” Don’t they all “say” things, all these politicians. And you have chosen to fall for it all — hook, line, and sinker. “But Trump’s new tax plan is going to benefit the rich!” Yes, it will, it will also allow married couples earning under $50,000/year to pay zero federal income taxes. The rich will always do better than others in most income tax schemes because many own businesses for which they are able to reduce their tax exposure. Nothing stops poor people from creating a side business to reduce their tax exposure as well, but many choose not to do so out of fear. Fear costs Americans so much on so many levels, it debilitates many of them.

And who knows what the ultimate tax plan will look like once those drinking that Potomac water are done with it. Rather than simplifying the tax code, history tells us it will just become more complicated. H & R Block workers are secure in their jobs. The idea that we are going to a flat tax or FairTax anytime soon is wishful thinking. We can hope but don’t expect it anytime soon.

But what about his Wall Street cronies, they’re going to profit. Well, what do you think happened under Obama? All this time protesters have spent out on the streets could have been better spent writing and calling their representatives in Congress and their state to effect better laws or repealing bad laws.

Most, if not all the fears protesters have expressed, have been in response to a blustering old man they think is nuts. So, if he’s nuts, why give him so much credit? Could it be because many had their blinders on over the last many years while Obama and his predecessors¬†used executive order after executive order to get around Congress and the separation of powers?

We need Americans, and especially politicians, to operate under a set of principles rather than carelessly govern election to election. When one votes for a candidate with principles, you know where that person stands on the issues. In 2016, with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, no one could be sure where they stood on the issues because they both had flip-flopped so much, it was hard to know. Just before announcing her campaign for president, Clinton was strongly for traditional marriage and had to change her stance to get the Democratic vote. Trump had been all over the place on such a large number of issues, it was almost comical. He continues to change his stances today. These two, like most politicians, lack standing principles that, had they been the right and proper principles, would have never had to change their stance on the issues.

When will Americans stop supporting and voting for politicians who lack a clear set of principles?




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