Florida Libertarians to gather in Cocoa Beach next weekend

The Libertarian Party of Florida will hold its 2017 state convention in Cocoa Beach, speakersFlorida May 5 – 7, 2017. The convention will feature nationally-known freedom fighters while also conducting the state party’s annual business meeting. Featured speakers include Matt Welch of Reason.com, Larry Sharpe, the Managing Director of the Neo-Sage® Group, author Thomas DiLorenzo, Bernard Von Nothaus of the Liberty Dollar, and Objectivist Girl Lauren Rumpler.

#BeThatLibertarian is the theme of this year’s state convention which is a reference to the late Marc Feldman who was a 2016 Libertarian Party presidential candidate. Feldman passed away shortly after losing the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination to Governor Gary Johnson. Feldman made an epic speech in 2016 during the Libertarian Party presidential debates which perhaps only Libertarians can fully appreciate.

The convention will begin late Friday, May 5, 2017, with a speech by Bernard Von Nothaus followed with a Luau on the beach. The business meeting will commence the following morning with keynote speaker, Tom Regnier who is a legend in Libertarian Party circles for his work on ballot access and the Constitution.

The business meeting will result in an election of leaders for the Libertarian Party, for which, there are many offices up for election. There will be various breakout sessions available for attendees to learn more about the Libertarian Party of Florida as well as political data and how best to promote the party. Alison Foxall will be doing a session on party efficiency and process. Joshua Folsom will instruct attendees how best to leverage voter data. Florida Gubernatorial candidate Randy Wiseman will hold a session on party unity. Another breakout session will be by Hesham El-Meligy from Muslims For Liberty.

Make certain to freely subscribe to the Palm Beach Free Press as we will be offering regular updates on the convention. Attendance to the convention is free for the business meeting and a few other events; however, to see some of the speakers one will need to pay. See the convention website for details.




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  1. Thanks for the plug! I’m really excited to talk about project management! Efficient operations are my thing. 🙂

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  2. Thanks Karl. Good read.


  3. And late Friday night, please join me for “How To Eat Pizza,” a continuation of my other talk about my 1992 run for State House, and what I’ve learned since. Beer will be served.

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  4. For more information on Randy Wiseman, check out the links below.

    Facebook Page:





  5. That kind of thkniing shows you’re on top of your game


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