Justin Amash Co-Sponsors Bill to End Federal Prohibition on Marijuana



The federal prohibition on marijuana has come under scrutiny over the past few years since the adoption of legalized marijuana across the country starting in the great state of Colorado.

While many Republicans are still hesitant to support the legalization of a drug that is deemed as toxic and dangerous as heroin, there are a few liberty-minded GOP members that fill it is time to stop the craziness that has plagued our war on drugs with the enforcement of marijuana laws across the country and the restriction of freedom.

Congressman Justin Amash has signed on to a new bill introduced in the House that would end the federal prohibition on marijuana in the United States.


“(a) Prohibition On Certain Shipping Or Transportation.—This Act shall not apply to marihuana, except that it shall be unlawful only to ship or transport, in any manner or by any means whatsoever, marihuana, from one…

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3 replies

  1. Good man. Keep up the pressure on the bootleggers, baptists and beer makers.

    Free the weed!


  2. As dangerous as heroin? Not sure anyone claims that.
    Doubt a country with legal MJ will function well.
    Guess we will find out.


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