Cigar Review: Hampton Cigars – the mild blend

Today, February 16, 2017, we review Hampton Cigar Company‘s mild cigar which is one of their three box-pressed blends. We will review the other two blends over the next week or so.

With exception to one cigar shop in Miami, Hampton cigars are not available in South Florida and must be ordered online. The cigars are available at several cigar shops mostly in the NorthEast. The packaging the cigars came in was very well done and they have excellent brand awareness. The package included their three cigar blends, wood matches, humidity control pack (which actually works), all within a nice drawstring pouch. The three cigars come in a nice cedar tray which shows the company is serious about detail as many companies will simply throw the cigars in a plastic pouch with a humidity pack.

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Although I prefer bolder blends of cigars, this mild blend was actually very good with an excellent burn rate. From start to finish was about an hour and 15 minutes and included an ash that went nearly 50 percent of the cigar. This is one indicator that these cigars are of high quality.

The mild cigar has filler from both Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, while its wrapper is also from the DR.  The cigar had an excellent taste, though, for some reason, I had trouble pinpointing any particular flavors. This is strange because I normally have an excellent palate; however, perhaps I’m having an off day.

For about $10 a stick, I would rate this cigar an easy 9.0 combining value, taste, appearance and burn rate. Looking forward to testing their bolder cigars as they may rate as high as my ratings for my favorite Nicaraguan cigars.


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