The Next Killer Social App: Treem’s Integrated Communication Platform

Carlsbad, CA —Treem, Inc., has announced the debut of the Treem Communicationstreem-app Platform, the next “killer app” for social media. Available now in the iTunes and Google app stores, the patent-pending Treem app offers state-of-the-art chat and messaging functionality while enabling members to organize their communications networks based on their preferences for content consumption and privacy.

Treem’s graphical user interface (GUI) is based on a “tree and branch” metaphor that enables fine-grained control and categorization of contacts, empowering users to organize their connections and view content based on their desires and wants, rather than the advertiser-driven algorithms used by other social networks. In addition, the Treem Award Plan will offer the most active and engaged users of the platform 20 percent of the company’s value at sale or public offering.

“When it comes to social networks, we’re up-ending the status quo,” said Ken Kaufman, Treem Founder and CEO. “We’ve created a totally new way for users to organize and communicate with their contacts, curate and manage their own content streams without advertiser interference, and proactively manage the visibility and privacy of their posts. We’re also rewarding our most engaged users with a real financial stake in the company and its future success.”

Treem solves the control problem associated with existing social networks by allowing users to manage their online profile and sort and organize their contacts and posts into business and personal groups. Categories such as “Family” and “Friends,” as well as groupings like “Work Colleagues” and “College Friends,” allow users to customize exactly “who sees what.” With these Treem “branches,” users can communicate with all members of their network or limit that communication to a given branch or sub-branches of their social network.

Communications can also be restricted from sharing with members outside of the original posted branch. Duration of messages is user-definable, so posts can be viewed just once, can live forever or for hours or days. Treem even offers a “Secret Tree” that requires PIN credentialing to access and view posts. User profiles can be hidden by their owners so that only friends can find or view their profile, providing users with ultimate control over their own privacy in an era when social networks are increasingly being monitored by third parties like parents and employers.

The need for a solution like Treem—with complete control over privacy and what is seen and shared, as well as the elimination of algorithm-driven “fake news”—has never been greater. A recent survey conducted of more than 1,000 Americans via Google Surveys revealed that nearly 50 percent of Americans would drop out of today’s social media offerings by the end of the year due to fake news. Additionally, some 38 percent would be inclined to drop out of social media because they don’t want to see arguments about the election and its outcome. When asked about New Year’s resolutions for social media, more than 15 percent of the respondents indicated that they would like to reduce social media drama in the new year.

Treem’s “Explore” functionality enables users to integrate all things digital into their social media experience. Users can select their favorite content providers, news sources, and websites, including RSS feeds, news magazines and video from sources such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. With Treem, users have full control over the content they consume, rather than being presented algorithm-based content dictated by their social network and its advertisers. In addition, users never have to leave the Treem platform to experience their favorite online content, and this high degree of user engagement and stickiness means that Treem is a powerful platform for creators and publishers who wish to monetize their content for large-scale audiences.

Treem’s industry-leading Award Plan is designed to drive user adoption and engagement by awarding company equity to end users who build the strongest social networks on the platform. With the Award Plan, Treem will share 20 percent of the company’s value with its users at the time of the company’s sale or IPO. The Award Plan is driven by a patent-pending gamification approach—targeted to Millennials and Generation X—that enables users to earn points for activities that expand Treem’s reach and user base, such as getting friends, family and colleagues to register for and engage with the Treem platform. An algorithm within the Treem app tracks all downstream member activity within a given user’s network, calculating the user’s contribution and providing a snapshot of the potential financial payoff.

Based in Carlsbad, Calif., Treem is a privately-held startup focused on building the next “killer app” for social media. The Treem Communications Platform is a comprehensive social media solution and next-generation messaging app, offering new levels of privacy, control and integration. With a patent-pending graphical user interface built on a “tree-based” design metaphor, Treem allows users to build discrete “branches” of contacts, giving users complete control of the information they wish to consume, who sees their posts and the ability to curate their own custom content libraries. Treem facilitates efficient communication with family, friends and work colleagues and offers end users a unique way to take part in the company’s success by rewarding them with company equity for building and expanding their Treem networks. Treem is available now in the iTunes and Google app stores.

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