New book reveals struggles of dementia caregivers

WEAVERVILLE, N.C. – Dementia has a devastating toll on caregivers. According to, 30 to 40% of dementia caregivers suffer from depression and emotional stress as shown by studies. In author Jan Blakely’s  “Soulful Reflections from a Daughter’s Heart”, readers will find a personal perspective of stories that are common among those affected by dementia and includes inspiration from God’s Word to help them deal with each circumstance encountered.

Blakely calls dementia a thief and a cheat. It steals the memory, mental capacity and very life of the one affected. It cheats the family of quality time with their loved one. Being a caregiver for a family member with dementia is consuming and demanding. It is a condition and position that no one can truly understand unless one has been through it. This book provides stories that are common among those affected by dementia but also includes inspirational wisdom from God through scripture for the journey.

An excerpt from the book:

No, denial is not a river in Egypt. That would be the Nile. But denial is considered to be the first stage of the grieving process. It is very hard to accept a life-changing diagnosis for a loved one, especially when the outcome will be one that steals away the existence of that person. This is typically associated with a diagnosis of cancer. But it is just as real with a diagnosis of dementia. The worst part of dementia is that your loved one is no longer there mentally or emotionally, but he or she is still there physically.

“Soulful Reflections from a Daughter’s Heart” is a personal journey yet covers topics that are encountered across the board. It provides insight through scripture on how to see this journey through.

Jan Blakely has over 30 years experience as a registered nurse with a focus on critical care and cardiovascular medicine; the past 16 years was spent in clinical research. She has her certification in clinical research. She lives with her husband, John, and their dogs in Weaverville.

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