Torch Cigar Bar’s First Cigars with the Stars Draws Mega Celebrities

Scottsdale, Arizona — Torch Cigar Bar is the newest and hottest premium cigar bar in Phoenix, Arizona’s vibrant nightlife. Having just opened in the summer of 2016, Torch’s popularity has quickly risen given its trendy location, decadent interiors and impressive line up of hard-to-find cigars and liquor. Dubbed as the place to be in Phoenix, Torch Cigar Bar has come up with innovative ways to keep their reputation held high. Their latest event, Cigars with the Stars, was a sell-out success.

Torch Cigar Bar’s freshman event of Cigars with the Stars, in partnership with Rocky Patel, welcomed Ray Lewis, whom many consider a future Hall of Famer. Raymond Lewis Jr. is a football hero that played linebacker for Baltimore Ravens. Considered by many as one of the greatest linebackers in football history, Mr. Lewis holds the distinction of being selected for 13 Pro Bowls, being named All-Pro ten times, and a Super Bowl MVP.

Now that he no longer plays professional sports, Lewis has more time to indulge in his passions; one of which is high-quality cigars. This is why Lewis is warmly welcomed by the members at Torch Cigar Bar. When cigar lounge members thought that the night’s event couldn’t be any more grander, Cigars with the Stars was made taken to the next level when Ray Lewis was joined by Eric Davis. Davis is a baseball star who was inducted into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame in 2005. He is known for being the best comeback athlete after re-starting his career in 1996 with the Reds.

But what happened next couldn’t have been planned. Perhaps because Ray Lewis played in Baltimore, Michael Phelps, a native of Baltimore, and the most decorated Olympian of all time showed up unexpected. Phelps is an Olympic champion with 13 gold medals in individual events and 16 more Olympic medals in other placements. He is a respected athlete and celebrity who recently married former Miss California USA, Nicole Johnson.

Torch Cigar Bar Co-Founder, Jon Harrington, comments, “We may sell cigars and liquor, but our main business is memories. We create an environment that harbors fun times and unforgettable memories and our first Cigars with the Stars solidified this.”

In a crowd full of sports enthusiasts, customers had the opportunity to get cigar boxes, footballs, and more autographed. Mr. Harrington remarks on the enthusiasm that was in the air at Torch’s cigar patio, “You no longer have to go to a Scottsdale cigar club to experience exclusive events. Torch now brings that exclusivity to our Phoenix cigar shop location. 60-year-olds turned into 6-year-olds. It was beyond awesome.”

Will Cigars with the Stars happen again? Yes. It was a flawless night and Torch now plans to extend its Cigars with the Stars from sports legends to the entertainment world. Who’s next? Come to Torch Cigar Bar and find out.


Torch Cigar Bar is the new gold standard in cigar bars and lounges in the Valley. Featuring a beautiful space with contemporary design, new-fashioned furnishings and a warm comfortable atmosphere, Torch is a sanctuary for lovers of fine cigars and spirits.

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